Housing Database terms of use

Before renting accommodation, read the terms and conditions to be sure that what the Housing Database offers is right for you.

Terms and conditions of use

UWA's Housing Database comprises vacant rental properties and rooms to let which are submitted by UWA staff and students.

UWA does not carry out an inspection of listed properties or in any way guarantee the suitability of listed properties.

By listing on the Housing Database you agree to abide by the terms of use and confirm that the room or property listed is suitable for student accommodation and meets all appropriate health and safety regulations and the Residential Tenancies Act, as appropriate. You further agree:

  • to ensure that a prescribed residential tenancy agreement is used when letting a property and a copy given to the tenant; or for boarding or lodging situations that the terms of the occupancy are put in writing, including period of notice required to end such agreement and any other 'reasonable' clauses that do not contravene the agreement, any legislation, or the occupant's rights
  • to lodge the Bond with the Bond Administrator at the Department of Commerce
  • if you are renting the property or room, you confirm that you have received permission from the owner or agent to sublet
  • to ensure the accommodation has adequate security and safety features, such as locks, smoke alarms and residual current devices (RCDs)
  • to charge no more than two weeks’ rent in advance

All listing submissions will be moderated by UWA Accommodation staff prior to publishing.

The UWA Accommodation Office reserves the right to:

  • edit the information included in a listing to ensure clarity
  • amend information in a listing if it is considered false, misleading, offensive or unlawful
  • refuse to publish any advert which is considered unsuitable
  • choose not to list any room or property which is deemed to be too far from campus
  • refuse to list any property where complaints have been received from UWA students or staff regarding the accommodation or the landlord/lessor
  • delete or suspend a user account where the user is believed to have breached the terms of use

Access to the Housing Database for the purpose of obtaining accommodation is restricted to students and staff members at UWA.

UWA does not in any way assess students or staff to determine their suitability for any type of accommodation.

All potential landlords/lessors are responsible for using their own judgement when deciding to whom they will let their property/room.

It is the responsibility of all persons seeking accommodation on this database to inspect the offered accommodation prior to entering into a contract with the accommodation provider to ensure that the accommodation meets their needs.

The rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords/agents in Western Australia are set out in the Residential Tenancies Act (1987). An outline of the provisions of this Act may be viewed at the Department of Commerce.

Accommodation seekers should be aware that not all accommodation options are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act, in particular those relating to boarders and lodgers.

The properties listed on the Housing Database have not been inspected by the UWA Accommodation Office. We disclaim any responsibility for inaccuracies and strongly advise against paying out sums of money and signing rental agreements before viewing accommodation.